Wydale Hall Wedding Photography – Harriet + Chris

Harriet and Chris had their wedding ceremony at St Mary’s Church in Scarborough before heading into the countryside to Wydale Hall for their reception.

No pics of the ceremony as the vicar there doesn’t allow photographers to work during that bit so you’ll just have to trust us when we say that it was a really beautiful ceremony in a stunning 12th-century church.

(If you’re reading this and thinking about having a church wedding, definitely check what their policy on photography is before you book and get a guarantee in writing. There’s not a week goes by where we don’t hear about a vicar changing his mind and banning photography on the day, sometimes even during the service.  It seems a few crappy photographers have spoiled it for many couples. Even with our silent cameras and sneaky shoes, we find ourselves sat twiddling our thumbs rather than taking awesome photos in stunning churches. Tis a shame.) 

Wydale Hall held its first ever wedding reception for Harriet and Chris and they did a smashing job. The house itself sits in incredibly scenic countryside and has a fascinating history. We don’t know if they plan on hosting any more weddings but if you’re of the Christian persuasion and looking for somewhere to get away from it all, we would certainly recommend it. It’s most serene.

We dove out into the pouring rain for a few portraits and a guest who was determined to get their confetti thrown spotted a break in the weather and hustled everyone together. A cracking buffet and a toast before cutting the cake. All in all, it was a lovely day spent with Harriet and Chris’s nearest and dearest.


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