We became full time wedding photographers in 2018 and one year later we started to receive international recognition. Two years later and Emma is listed as one of Fearless Photographers top 100 wedding photographers of 2018. Emma is listed as one of the Top 10 Fearless Photographers in the UK. We’ve earned numerous world class awards, been featured in online and print newspapers and in April 2019 we spoke at SNAP Photography Festival.

Going from weekend warriors to being amongst the best in the world in such a short time has taught us a lot. We’ve recently had a lot of requests for tips and advice, we’ve realised that the best way to share what we know would be face to face. We can tell you what’s worked for us and what hasn’t.

We’re now really blooming excited to offer these mini mentoring sessions. 2-3 hours of open and honest quality time with us and just us. All designed to give you a creative boost at any time throughout the year. There’s ideas of what we can talk about below, or if there’s anything else – just shout!

We can meet via video chat, in person if we’re in your neck of the woods (we spend most of the summer on the road) or at the seaside if you fancy a day out to Scarborough for chips and ice cream.


We will go through your portfolio. Helping you identify what images work with your brand and ways you may be able to improve those images.

We record the feedback on video so you can replay at your leisure and also include the Lightroom catalogue so you can see what edits we have made to your images.

PRICE: £150

fun wedding photographer, a couple hug in a sunbeam. photo by emma and rich


We'll go through all the things that we do to inspire ourselves.

All the things we do on a wedding day to make interesting images.

All the weird and wonderful challenges we have for each other to keep us pushing forward. Always forward.

PRICE: £150


We're always being asked about our dancing shots.

We've spent two years perfecting how we shoot the messy fun stuff.

We can tell you exactly how we shoot, what gear we use and anything else you can think to ask us.

PRICE: £150


Want help with your editing?

We've culled and edited for over a dozen different wedding photographers in the last few years and can show you lots of tips and tricks for making your images POP!

PRICE: £150


Emma was a video editor for 5 years. This is why we offer highlights films alongside our photography.

Emma can go through how to shoot video with stills right through to importing and editing in Premiere Pro.

PRICE: £250


Come to Scarborough. Seriously, we have the best chips and even better ice cream.

We'll hang out for a day, go out and spend a few hours shooting some street photography. Then go somewhere comfy and go through what you've shot.

Check out Emma's personal website to see her street photography.

PRICE: £250