We want to be in your gang, at least for a day or two. We want to make creative and fun photos that tell the story of your day honestly, creating imagery that you can feel. We want to share the adventure of your wedding day full of love, laughter and FUN.

We believe that everyone deserves awesome photographs, everyone is beautiful inside and out. We believe that love is love. We’re LGBTQ+ friendly, all colours, cultures, creeds and backgrounds are welcomed.

a portrait of fun wedding photographers emma and rich

We live at the seaside in Scarborough and we met at rock night at our local nightclub, we’ve been together for 20 years and married for 12. We got married on Halloween. Emma has multi-coloured hair and Rich has a twirly moustache. Emma loves Chinese food, glitter, incense and The Goonies while Rich loves beer, comics and video games.

We love Mexican food, proper music, good films, going on adventures and spending our evenings curled up on the sofa in our fairy-lit living room, covered in our pets, watching stupid videos on the internet.

Andrew WK once said, "We Want FUN!" and we bet you do too.

You've probably never done this before, we get it, it's a bit weird but exciting as well and you're determined to have a good time.

We know you want your wedding day to be fun, relaxed and one hell of a party. You're looking forward to spending time with all the people you love most in the world. You're probably going to make your own traditions and want photos that take you right back into the day. Photos that you can feel when you look at them, you know what we mean.

When it's all over you're going to print your photos out, make scrapbooks, hang them on the wall and post them all over the internet. Then wish you could do it all again next year.

We've won a few awards in our time 😳

We were named one Rangefinder Magazine's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography in 2021 - the biggest accolade in wedding photography in the WORLD!

We've been included in the Top 100 Wedding Photographers for 2020 in the UK.

We won a few Fearless awards over the years. Emma explained to her mum these are the equivalent of Oscars or Olympic golds in wedding photographer world. We might have these printed out in our office as motivation. Best bit was these ended up being featured on the Huffington Post and one of ours was the lead image.

In 2019 we spoke at SNAP Photography Festival and shared how we shoot with 100 of our peers!

We’ve won awards from This Is Reportage, who showcase the very best in documentary wedding photography. We’ve also been featured on This is Reportage, telling the story of how we created the winning image from Laura + Andy’s wedding!



This is our corgi Merlin and he is full of beans. This is often said with sarcasm as Rich wanted to call him Beans and Emma wouldn't let him. His favourite thing in the world is a string of sausages that all have little faces. He also loves pancakes (with peanut butter) and peanut butter dog chocolate, two squares after his tea.


This is Ringo. He loves to bring in moths in the middle of the night and chase them under our bed.

He also loves to poke Merlin every time he walks past. Merlin is very patient with him and does love to give him a sniff if he thinks he can get away with it. He is also the most expressive and cuddly cat we have ever known and pulls the best faces. He loves to watch TV and sleep on our shoulders and faces. He has claimed our bed in the daytime and hates if he is disturbed during the day as he goes on adventures all through dusk and into the night. Oh and he has a bumblebee on a string which is the best thing in the world.