The time we spoke at (and shot) Snap Photography Festival

At the beginning of May, 2019, we went all the way to Somerset and did something incredibly scary. Something we never thought we would be asked to do. Something we never thought we would have the nerve to go through with. And you know what? It went rather well.

We spoke at Snap Photography Festival.

This was the first time we’d ever spoken at an event like this. We got up in front of about 100 of our peers and talked about how we shoot weddings, how we use (and abuse) composition and what we do to keep everything exciting and fun. How we do all of these things while still capturing those special weddingy moments and the bits couples expect from their wedding photographers and also bringing our own little twisty selves into the mix.

We won’t lie, it was part terrifying and part, incredibly exhilarating. We always say if we don’t have a nervous poo before doing an important thing, we can’t care enough.

We’ve had loads of amazing feedback since then. We’ve even had some folks come to Scarborough for mentoring (and ice cream) and have more plans for sharing all we’ve learnt.

The day + night before we spoke, we got to gatecrash for the day/party and ended up shooting through our time at Snap. That’s those nerves at play again, gotta keep busy. There was drumming, a pool party, some seaside street photography and of course, the legendary SNAP PARTY. It looked like this…

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