Wildwood + Eden Festival Wedding Photography – Lauren + Jamie

Lauren and Jamie tied the knot at The Grainary and then went on to celebrate at Wildwood + Eden, just outside of Scarborough.

This was an absolute stormer of a wedding to kick off the summer wedding season. Full of heart with the focus on friends and family who had gathered from around the world. And dancing. So much dancing!

This was a proper festival wedding with tents, tipis, and caravans all set up in a field next to Wildwood + Eden for guests to crash in at the end of the night. The Barn is only up the road from Emma + Rich HQ and as we had a bit of time free, we decide to crash the party on the night before the wedding. It was really nice to meet the happy couple before the commotion of the wedding day swept us all along and it was truly heart warming to see Lauren and Jamie hugging their guests as they arrived with cars full of camping gear. When we turned up we were greeted with massive smiles, hugs, and offers of booze (which we declined because we had to be up early to shoot their wedding and we’re consummate professionals).

It was at this moment that we knew it was going to be an extra special wedding and that we were going to be able to shoot the shit out of it! We always hope and try to be more of a guest at a wedding rather than another member of staff. It allows us to become more emotionally in tune with the moments we’re photographing, it lets us get closer to people and guests tend to relax around us which leads to more emotional honesty and more silliness. It also lets people enjoy their day without feeling like there are two strangers following them around.

So we stayed for a while and soaked up the campfire, songs, bbq, and good vibes before we headed home for an early night and wedding photographer anxiety dreams of forgetting our cameras and turning up at the wrong venue etc. You’d think we’d be over that by now.

Check out the highlight film before venturing into the pics. Don’t forget to turn the HD on and the volume up!


The next morning, Emma met up with Lauren and co. at Scalby Lodge for bridal prep whilst Rich headed over to The Grainary to find Jamie before the ceremony and see what the boys were getting up to down on the farm.

The awesome Fran Minney was perched on a hay bale to provide tuneage.

We always try to get the reaction shot if one partner’s waiting at the top of the aisle. Sometimes it’s a massive grin, sometimes there are tears, other times it’s the “rabbit in the headlights” look.

And here we are back at Wildwood + Eden. We love shooting here, they’re a great team.

The Mother of the Bride absolutely slayed her speech. Can’t beat Princess Bride references at a wedding.

This is the wedding where we learned about a traditional Bavarian wedding custom, the kidnapping of the bride. In which the bride is kidnapped by several guests and hidden in a local pub. The groom then has to track them down and settle the bar tab when he eventually finds them. It cost Jamie 15 minutes and £90!

Whilst Emma was having adventures in the pub, Rich was at the glitter bar wondering where the hell everyone had gone.

Then the dancing started and it Did. Not. Stop. We were speaking with the venue owner recently and we were both saying how we’d never seen anything like it. From the moment everyone joined in with the first dance, till well into the night, there was constant dancing.

The band is having a break but the dancing goes on.

Sun’s gone down, still dancing.

They’re probably still dancing.


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