Right, that was awesome, what happens now?


In the week following your wedding there will be a few select photos posted on our blog and our social media. Get em shared with your friends and family. However, if you want these to be private please let us know. There are so many awesome photos we’d love to share with the world but we haven’t because our couples asked for privacy and we’re cool like that.

Editing + Processing Time

It can take up to 8 weeks to get your full gallery + video ready for you (especially in summer when there are ALL the weddings). As soon as they’re ready we’ll send you a link so you can get comfy and relive your day. We love to hear what you think when you’ve seen em, your galleries are our babies and we like to know that everything’s OK with them once they’ve flown the coop.

Copyright + Personal Image Use

We always retain full copyright for our images. This protects our work and you personally. You do get full personal usage rights for your images which covers pretty much everything you can think of. Post em on Facebook, get prints and photobooks made, share the gallery with your guests and people who couldn’t make the party – who can also get prints made. Personal use does not cover editing images (Instagram filters for example) but cropping is fine. If any of your other suppliers would like to use our images – that’s cool. You can send them this link or just tell them to get in touch. We’re generally cool and groovy (if you are too) for most uses but we like to check what they’re for as we have to charge for a handful of uses.

Prints, albums and stuff like that…

We are massive believers of printing your photos. We have an ever growing photo wall in our office at home and we’re always ordering prints. In your gallery you can order professional quality prints directly and they’re not as expensive as you might think. If you want an album or photobook after the wedding – get in touch. The old school gift for a first wedding anniversary is something paper – prints and albums work well for this!


We hate goodbyes, Emma always cries, even at schmaltzy adverts. So if you want more shoots in the future we would love to give you a repeat customer price! Family shoots, couple shoots, a shoot with your pets or even wearing your fancy outfits again and going on an adventure – we’re up for most things. So yeah, keep in touch and no sad goodbyes.