newlywed couple kissing in the rain with umbrellas - the cowshed at woodall farm wedding photography by emma and rich

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

Embrace the rain and get wet. Or stay inside and stay dry.

That’s the simple answer. In the UK we know there can be rain and bright sunshine at the same time. There are no guarantees when it comes to the great British weather.

You can check forecasts for the time of year and plan accordingly but even then Mother Nature can pull the ol’ switcheroo.

Some cultures say it’s lucky, Alanis Morrisette says it’s ironic, we say if it rains, let’s enjoy it and just be glad it’s not another heatwave.

If It Looks Like Rain Is Likely

Hire umbrellas, dig out your wellies, warn your guests, and ensure there is somewhere warm and dry to party. Basically have a plan B. We’ve survived weddings with showers and downpours, you can still get awesome photos.

When It Does Rain

You have to deal with those emotions. It’s not something you can change so you have to make the most of your day.

Make sure you can get to your dry space if it does come down or always keep those umbrellas handy. Depending on your plans you can always theme all those wet-weather accessories so they look like it was meant to be.

Rainy Photos Look Ace – Trust Us!

We will happily wrap ourselves up in bin bags, cling film and grab our umbrellas so we can make some damp magic.

Or we can find a gap in the weather, it very rarely rains for 10 hours straight. If it does we will have found spots indoors with lovely light that we can use for group shots and some cute portraits.

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony it’s ALWAYS wise to be prepared. When we shot a wedding in the Scottish Highlands we had all the types of weather Scotland could throw at us in the space of an hour. The basket of hired umbrellas was to hand and everyone was safe within a minute of the skies erupting.

If you’re not prepared, RUN. Or embrace it.

Then look for the RAINBOW! 🌈

What If My Dress / Outfit / Suit / Shoes Get Dirty?

Yeah. There is that. They will get dirty, especially if you’re having an outside garden/tipi wedding. It still happens in the fanciest of hotels, no one tells you that bit. If you’re wearing something that touches the floor, unless you spend the ENTIRE day holding it off the floor, it will get dirty. You won’t have a fun day but it might stay clean. Trust us, it’s not worth the stress.

REMEMBER – Dry cleaners exist for this very reason.

To Sum Up

  • Make a Plan B for wet weather
  • Emergency umbrellas
  • Wellies
  • Embrace the dampness and those awesome stormy skies
  • Make sure your guests stay happy (happy people = happy photos)

a bride and groom laugh as they're showered with confetti hoxton hotel wedding photography by emma and rich.

newlywed couple kissing in the rain with umbrellas - the cowshed at woodall farm wedding photography by emma and rich


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