Walk of Witness – Scarborough Street Photography 2019

Good Friday means it’s time for the annual Walk of Witness in Scarborough.

Organised by Churches Together In Scarborough, the Walk of Witness is part parade, part re-telling of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Representatives and members from local churches of all denominations meet up at the top of town and begin the story with a dramatisation of Christ being arrested. The cross is then carried into the town centre for the crucifixion and then all the way up to Scarborough Castle for a sermon.

As we were shooting it was hard not to notice a duality to the event. The shots in town have quite a jarring juxtaposition between the boarded-up shopfronts and the pubs and bookmakers as a solemn religious procession passes by. It would be easy to play these moments for laughs but, as one of the organisers pointed out to us, they feel it is important to see the story of Christ in a modern setting. Jesus would have been paraded through a town with many of the same types of shops. The second half of the Walk of Witness takes on a more spiritual vibe as we leave the commercialised town centre and head up to the castle, the ancient roots of our town.

We must admit, we’re not religious people yet we certainly enjoyed following along. We’ve made it a bit of a personal project to document the people and events in our home town. We’re not quite sure where it’s going to lead us but we’re loving the journey.

Here are some of our favourite shots of the day. If you’d like any of the pictures for yourself, drop us an email at hello@emmaandrich.co.uk we’re totally cool with sharing.

crowds gather for the scarborough walk of witness 2019

man handing out hymns at the scarborough walk of witness

people singing hymns at the walk of witness

salvation army drummer

cross in front of the lord roseberry

cross in front of coral bookmakers

walk of witness walking down westborough

jesus and a basket of easter eggs

jesus has his hands handcuffed

jesus and pilot

jesus is prepared for crucifixion

crowd of people watching the walk of witness

jesus is crucified

basket of easter eggs

reflection of jesus on the cross in cooplands window

jesus outside the brunswick centre

mourners remove jesus from the cross

the walk of witness moves down westborough

a man with a drum and a couple carrying a large wooden cross across a road.

an angry woman looks out of her window at a man banging a drum during the walk of witness in Scarborough.

lady watching the walk of witness from her window

a drummer and two people carrying a large wooden cross walk down the street.

men carrying the cross up the hill at the walk of witness

people singing hymns at the walk of witness

scarborough castle at the walk of witness 2019

crowd of people watching the walk of witness 2019

silhouette of people at the scarborough walk of witness at the castle headland


On Easter Sunday there was a sunrise service by the sea.


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