The Seaside – A Photo Zine

Hello. Emma here, a multi award winning wedding photographer. This year I finally got around to making a photo zine of my street photography. A zine which is full of the joys, colours and oddities of the British seaside including our hometown of Scarborough. This is what I know. This is where I’ve grown up and this is where I live now. When first printing my photography it seems only right to start at the beginning.

I’ve always felt a great connection between how I shoot and having grown up at the seaside. The bright colours, smiling faces, noises and general chaos of the Great British Seaside has infected my brain and how I see the world. Which in turn influences my photography both at weddings and on the street.

40 Pages / A5 / Softcover

Click here to buy your very own copy on Etsy and over there to read more about the kickstarter campaign.

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