This is when we meet up and get to shoot together for the rest of your day. Emma normally shoots at the front and Rich covers the rear. That’s if we’re allowed of course.

Depending where you’re getting wed and who is doing the deed, will depend on what the rules are. We’ve been made to hide at the back on occasion and have heard stories about photographers being made to wait outside. Please check what the rules are, if you can, we appreciate it might not be possible beforehand. Obviously we’ll do our best whatever the situation, but we do have to follow the rules, no matter how stupid.

Another thing to consider are the paparazzi, sorry, your guests. Everyone will turn up with a camera and depending on whether you want to see your friends and family, or a sea of cameras and phones is totally up to you. If you would rather that your guests were present in your big moment, tell them. You can make a sign, write it on the invites, ask the officiant to mention it… there’s loads of ways to do it. If you need ideas of words, have a google for ‘unplugged ceremony’.

This is loads better than people stepping out in front of us with selfie sticks, tablets and even balancing on Emma’s shoulders (yep, has totally happened). Obviously if it happens, it happens, but it’s better to not have those key shots blocked by Uncle Bob.

Oh and we can get better shots of your guests when their faces aren’t obscured by technology so it’s a win/win!