SNAP Photography Festival

We’re going to be doing a little talk at SNAP Photography Festival 2019.

This is a big deal for us, not only because it will be the first time we’ve stood up in front of a bunch of other photographers to speak but also because it’s SNAP and SNAP is special.

A couple of years back when we realised that being wedding photographers might actually be our thing, we decided that we had to get good at it. Photographing a wedding is not something to be taken lightly, it’s quite often the biggest day of peoples lives so far and we wanted to be able to do it justice. So we threw all our resources into training and a big part of that was SNAP Photography Festival 2017 And it paid off. Big style!

SNAP takes education seriously. If you’re doing a presentation at SNAP it has to have clear learning outcomes. You can’t just stand up, talk about yourself for half an hour and show a few of your best pictures. Each talk has a lesson that can help you move forward as a photographer. The roster of speakers is also carefully selected to make sure that these lessons aren’t repeated, indeed, speakers may often contradict each other when discussing their approach and technique. We found the huge knowledge dump and different ideas to try out to be hugely important in us working out our own style, what techniques work best for us and helping us to improve.

SNAP Photography Festival is also much more than just a week-long workshop. the community that has grown up around it truly feels like a large group of friends who all want you to succeed and thrive. The Facebook groups are always busy answering questions and organising meet-ups. It’s like SNAP never ends. The speakers and attendees that you got drunk around the campfire with, stay with you via the magic of the internet long after the festival is over.

I would urge any wedding photographer to GET A TICKET for the next SNAP Photography Festival. It was the foundation for us becoming who we are today and still offers support and inspiration.

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