A couple having a celebrant led wedding in the Scottish Highlands. Creative and fun wedding photography from Emma + Rich.

Reasons you should have a celebrant led wedding!

Out of all the weddings we’ve been a part of, the fondest memories are nearly always the ones where the ceremony was led by a celebrant.


Why Have A Celebrant?

In one short sentence, you can have the EXACT ceremony you both want. When you’re planning your day we bet (we know) that the least amount of time might be spent planning your ceremony. You either go to the registry office and book your time and date or you go to your local church. That’s how it was always done, in the olden days.


These days there’s a third choice. A celebrant.  A quick note here, celebrant led weddings are not yet legally binding in England and Wales, but they are in Scotland. But they’re always better.

Would you like to get married outside?

Would you like to sing your favourite songs?

Would you like to get married wherever you want?

Do you want to include your pets in your wedding ceremony?

Would you like to write your own vows?

Would you like to have a cheese and brown sauce sandwich-making ritual as part of your ceremony? (Check out Karen + Joe’s wedding for the back story – other rituals are available)


If you answered yes to any or all of the previous questions, you would love a celebrant led ceremony. You can do all of this and so much more.

The funniest, most personal, and happiest wedding ceremonies we’ve ever seen have been led by either independent or Humanist celebrants.


What is a Celebrant Exactly?

Someone who leads your ceremony that you have personally chosen. No legal necessities, no talk of god or any of that business. Just the two of you and your story. A celebrant will create a ceremony that is all about you and is 100% unique. They spend time getting to know you both and understanding your story.

They’re always creative, thoughtful, fun, and most of all, invested in you as two human beings in love.


What’s the Difference Between a Celebrant and Other Types of Wedding Ceremony?

Unless you’re in Scotland, a celebrant led ceremony is not a legally binding wedding. To get the paperwork you need to nip to the registry office and spend 20 minutes saying some words. Bonus – two weddings!

Registry Office and Church weddings are very often very serious affairs. There’s not much you can change in the ceremony itself. There are rules about what music you can play and what you can say to each other.

However in a ceremony led by a celebrant you can literally do whatever you want, however you want to do it.

Oh and from our perspective there are also usually no restrictions on where we can stand and what we can shoot. So you get much better angles and coverage from the two of us!


Our Faves

Starr Gazing Ceremonies – Yorkshire based alternative wedding celebrant

Christine Berrisford – Yorkshire based Humanist celebrant

The Elegant Celebrant – Yorkshire based celebrant for modern and stylish couples

Susan the Celebrant – Independant Humanist celebrant in Scotland


a bride and groom face each other during an outdoors wedding ceremony. museum of the home wedding photography by emma and rich.


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