Hello, good evening and welcome to the Emma + Rich privacy policy.

This is the part of the website where we provide you (and anyone who lands on our website) with jargon free information as to how we will collect and use your personal data and any written information you provide us with. Basically this is how we will be compliant with the new GDPR regulations. Faces aren’t included (as far as we know) so we can still carry on doing our job for the time being.

Here begins the bit you will read…

What personal data do we collect?

We collect your names so we don’t have to call you Bananaman, your email address so we can reply to your enquiries and questions. We also take your phone numbers so we can call you if we need to know something urgent on or before your wedding day. We take your address so we can send you our welcome pack and your photographs/album after the wedding (if you bought such things). Oh and we take your photographs, because we would be rubbish at our jobs if we didn’t, plus the fact that you paid us to kinda helps.

How do we collect and keep that data?

If you came into our lives via our (pretty ace) website then your message goes into our super secure email inbox. Rich can never remember the password, that’s how secure it is. If you book us then all your information is secure in Studio Ninja (who are also totes GDPR compliant). We only access this from our dedicated computers which are safe from the outside world in our secure compound. If you enquire and don’t book with us – then we will delete that data from the database and maybe have a little cry.

What about the (fantastic) blog?

If you comment on a blog post, it’s linked to Facebook and very public. People will be able to see what you have written, so just heap on the praise.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure.

If you need to see all the data we have on you, that’s cool – we can send it over. It will be exactly what you told us, with it being web based it’s easier that way. If it’s wrong, please let us know and we’ll change it. We definitely don’t want to turn up on the wrong day/at the wrong venue. That would totally suck. When it’s all done and you’re officially newlyweds you can tell us to delete everything. Like the flashy stick from Men in Black. If you need us to do this just get in touch and we’ll do the needful. Obviously we’ll need to wait until we’ve delivered your gallery. Erasure, one of Emma’s favourites, but not as good as the Pet Shop Boys.

Data Usage

In summary, we’re not going to be silly with everything. No signing you up for cat food samples or double glazing phone calls. That is what the bad people do. We will definitely email you about your wedding (or other event to be photographed) because you asked us to. We may also email you about something cool like prints or albums that we also offer. Hey, if we see something that we think you’ll love (related to something we discussed in real life) we might even email you about that.

The main thing to remember is that we won’t give your email to ANYONE else. Ever. Pinky promise.

We won’t send you loads of newsletters or anything like that, because we haven’t got time for that. If we do ever set that up, we’ll chuck it on Facebook and let you decide if you want to join. We will ask you to fill in a pretty epic questionnaire just before your wedding. We collate the important bits from this for your wedding and keep it as PDFs on our password protected phones. All the information we will request is voluntary and if you don’t want to tell us who made your cake, that’s fine with us. We may be asked by wedding bloggers to feature your wedding, we will of course ask you before they go anywhere near your photos. We may also submit some of your photographs to competitions, but only if you’ve agreed to let us use them in the first place.

Your face and it’s data.

The EU hasn’t really said what the deal is with faces is in terms of data and we think it will be a while before this is figured out. The terms reasonable and legitimate use are used a lot and we believe we can demonstrate that. We definitely won’t sell your pictures to the Tory Party or anything like that. Or those things you wear when you laugh and a bit of wee comes out. If you want to sell it, then we can chat and we will make sure you approve and sign off so we’re all gravy.
You probably found us by looking at other people’s wedding photos. You might have seen them on Facebook, Instagram and our website. All these lovely faces have said yes to having their pictures shared this way. We wouldn’t show them otherwise. If there are any you don’t want to be shown to others, you can hide them in your gallery or we can bin them altogether.

As for your guests, if someone asks us not to take their photograph, we will respect their wishes. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone is happy to be photographed, mostly as it would take ages if we had to do it. We will double check with you on the day that you are happy for us to share photos of you and your guests on our website/social media.

We store your photographs on password protected hard drives in our secure, double locked, corgi protected compound. We back these faces up to a gallery that is also obeying the laws of the GDPR.

So are we GDPR compliant?

Yes. We hope so. We were pretty solid before as Emma comes from a pretty strict office job where customer data was super important and private. We look after your data, don’t do stupid things with it and make sure you know what we do and why we do it.

Here begins the bit you won’t read, but it’s here anyway…

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Privacy Policy