London Street Photography + NineDots – November 2017

We went to London for the first time in AGES. Mostly for a little thing called NineDots. We spent the Saturday/Sunday before wandering as an extra treat. Not an end of season treat as our season never really ended, or maybe it did with Charlotte and Xavier in February.

Anyway,  we started with a little pilgrimage to the Dublin Castle in Camden Town for me (Emma). It was the home of Madness for a long while and features in their film and music videos. We went to see a couple of other Madness spots and then had a wander back before a busy Saturday.

This is the thing with London, you want to do as much as possible while you’re there. Well I know I always do.

We went to the Tate Modern on Saturday morning and saw some modern art before going to see the Toxic Avenger musical – a whole different kind of art. It was ace if you ever get the chance to see it. Another wander back to the Premier Inn before a busy Sunday.

Starting early on Sunday with food. We went to Brick Lane for the food market and it did not disappoint. It also made for an excellent street photography spot as it was so busy. I’m not normally a fan of shooting people eating (that’s my own hang ups coming out to play), but this wasn’t so bad. All I’ve ever wanted was a bagel and I felt super poorly and couldn’t entertain the idea by the time we reached the amazing looking bagel shops. I made up for this by taking loads of bagel pictures. We spent Sunday night in Brixton watching Run The Jewels (Richard’s choice) before 3 days of learning with the NineDots crew.

There’s only a couple of photos from NineDots in here, mostly because there was so much learning and meeting people (talking, so much talking). You’ll spot Fer Jurasti doing his thing here.

Oh interestingly this was half shot on an xPro2 and half on an iPhone 7+.