How to get the BEST confetti shots at your wedding!

How to get the best confetti shots at your wedding!

It’s no secret here at Emma + Rich HQ that trying to get the best confetti shot is one of our favourite parts of a wedding. The laughter, chaos, love, and smiles that happen in just a few seconds are always a great start to any party.


When and where should we throw the confetti?

Usually, confetti is thrown just after your ceremony. This will always depend on your venue, their rules, and exactly what you’re allowed to throw. So check with your ceremony/reception venue to work out where you can get your confetti on. When the location has been pinned down, we can work out how to make that space work. Sometimes, if it’s not allowed where you are wed (some churches for example) another good time is when you’re arriving at your reception venue (if you have more than one location).


What kind of confetti is best for photos?


There are loads of choices when it comes to confetti, but we’ll be honest here. Those little biodegradable paper discs/squares are INCREDIBLE. Seriously. You can’t go wrong with loads of those. It’s super light and floaty, even if there isn’t much wind it still looks amazing. If there is even the slightest bit of wind, well that’s when the magic happens. You can buy them in any colour combination your heart desires here.



You can also go for dried petals. One word of warning, they are not cheap and you often need LOADS for it to look good. Unless you’re growing and making your own, which is also time-consuming, it might be worth considering the above. There’s a fine balance in petal size too, too small and you can’t see it in photos, too big and they hit the deck as soon as they’re thrown. But saying all that, when you get the perfect balance of floaty light and the right size, petals can look amazing.



Bubbles are a good option if you’re not allowed paper or petals. They look super pretty, leave no litter, and it’s a bit of fun to get your guests involved.


Yeah, floaty light, we get it. What colours though?

Rainbow. If you want the big impact you see in the photos above. If you have a bold and bright colour scheme you can always match that too. Get some small amounts of whatever you choose and have a test run in the park or the garden to see what it looks like. Still, rainbows are our favourite.

newlyweds being showered in confetti. deepdale farm wedding photography by emma and rich.


How do we do it then?

Get it ready in little individual bags or boxes to hand out just before. You can always keep it in a basket for people to grab a handful, just make sure it’s covered safely. Nominate people to help with the distribution and make sure every guest has a good handful. We always try to encourage guests to put their phones away so they can fully participate, also stops you from getting a phone lobbed at your head. We’ll encourage everyone to throw it high and not aim for eyes, but we can’t promise anything!

Now, squeeze together, holding hands, heads held high, relax and enjoy the ride!


Bride and groom under a shower of coloured confetti - Lincolnshire wedding photography by Emma + Rich


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