Time for a serious talk. This is probably one of the most stressful bits of the day for everyone. Rich uses the phrase ‘herding cats’ and he’s not wrong.  We like to get groups done after the ceremony and before we have some ‘us’ time doing your portraits. Once these are done people can go smoke, get crisps, have a toilet – whatever they want. From experience it’s easy to keep hold of people straight after the ceremony (and hugging), but if you have a particular place/time in mind – that’s also cool.

We’ve found that 6-8 group shots is a pretty perfect amount. One big group, friends, family and bridal party seems to work well without people getting smile-ache. Prepare people for group shots, if you’re doing a day plan for guests to see, build it into the plan so they know not to wander too far.

If you have a spot in mind, awesome. Be prepared that if it’s super sunny/rainy we might need to find some shade to get the best photographs. This is cool, we are firm believers that everything happens for a reason and weather is probably one of the only things you can’t control.

If you allocate people to help us with finding people for this we will love you forever. Anything to make your day less stressful is a good thing. Give them the list and while we’re shooting they can be getting the next folk ready – you’d be surprised how much lipstick needs to be applied at this moment!

Most importantly, relax, smile and enjoy the moment.