We love when we rock up to where you’re getting ready and there’s calm and people just chilling out. Then as time ticks on the calm often turns to excitement with just a smidge of chaos. We’ll say it now, don’t forget to eat, drink something (not just booze) and get an awesome playlist made of your favourite choons. Sometimes people aren’t sure if they want us to cover this part of the day, we’ve always talked people round and no one has ever regretted it. It’s part of the story of your day and what’s a good story without a beginning? We don’t run in cameras blazing, we start steady so it doesn’t overwhelm anyone. By the time you’re suited and booted, we should be part of the furniture.

We normally split up at this point if we can, Emma normally takes the bride and Rich the groom. Unless it’s two brides or two grooms, then we get one each. If you’re getting ready together that usually means you get us both! We suggest that we get there two hours before the ceremony, this gives us plenty of time to capture you getting ready. If you have stuff you want capturing like shoes and your dress make sure it’s all readily accessible so we don’t have to spend loads of time sorting things out and missing the good bits. As for where you get ready, tidy-ish is good but don’t feel the need to strip rooms back. We will embrace your space if you’re at home as this will make for better nostalgia.

One thing to remember is that we don’t direct pictures for most of your day. Groups, portraits of the two of you and the odd moment, that’s about it. We’ll save the groups for later in the day when you’re wed and more relaxed. We will occasionally spot some awesome light and pop you into it, just trust us to do our thang! In fact most of your day will be our quest for finding the best light.

We love light and airy rooms, it’s worth aiming to get ready in somewhere with a lot of natural light as this helps us get the best photographs. It will also help hair and make up artists too. Give your outfit a test run well before the wedding day if you can (with the people dressing you), all those knots and bows can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Aim to be in your outfit at least half an hour before you’re due to leave, this way we can get off to the venue before you and capture your guests arriving.


Top Tips


Learning how to tie your tie or put a frock on will save time and stress on the day, trust us.

If your bridesmaids and groomsmen get dressed first, they won’t be in PJs when they’re helping you get ready.

Only have people you need and love with you, don’t let any stress heads in as they won’t be helpful. 

If you want special shots of your dress/shoes/flowers/cufflinks etc – we will probably have to move them. We treat everything as if it was our own and don’t take unnecessary risks.

If you’re in a hotel ask for the room with the most light, if you’re at home make sure someone is on tidying duty if you’re staying there the night before. We don’t tidy, or touch stuff – we shoot real life. 

Don’t forget to eat something, have a glass of something fizzy, if it all gets too much – close your eyes and take five deep breaths.