“Wherever there is light, one can photograph.”  Alfred Stieglitz said that apparently.

It should be, ‘wherever there is awesome light, we can make magic happen’ Emma + Rich, 2018.

Light is probably something you’ve not considered when it comes to planning your wedding, the majority of it (especially outside) will depend on the elements, but there are parts you can influence.

As a rule we use natural light for most of the day, till the sun goes down or we all go inside. We’d rather your photos feel like your day as well as look like it. Flash can be jarring sometimes so we like to wait till it’s absolutely necessary to bring out the artificial light. After years of shooting in good, bad and crazy light, we’ve got a few tips to help you consider how you can work with the light.

  • Get ready somewhere nice and bright. Big windows and airy rooms are perfect for us and all the hair and make up folks. We’ve known people ask the hotel for their brightest room or book an airbnb especially for awesome getting ready shots. The latter helps to avoid fire exits and other random signage. The less artificial light the better. Some bulbs cast terrible yellow glare and LED strip lights do weird things to cameras which mean we have to use flash.

  • If you’re planning to get married outside, cool. We know you can never guarantee the weather in the UK, but it’s worth a shot. It’s always good to have a backup plan just in case. If you’re having a registrar wedding, then you will be in an approved room or covered outside area as that’s the law. Consider a Humanist ceremony if you want a proper outdoor ceremony. Midday is when the sun is highest and if we’re outside and it’s sunny that is the worst time for shadows. This light will give you panda eyes and toothbrush mustache shadows and we’ll do our best to not leave you looking like Chaplin Pandas.

  • Clouds? Yeah, surprisingly they’re our favourites. We always confuse people when we tell them clouds are better than harsh direct sunlight. Nature’s softbox.

  • Indoor ceremonies, if the room is super light and white and bright, then we’re all onto a winner. If you have a choice of rooms it’s worth opting for the brightest. Or one massive window next to where you get married is also cool.

  • Sunsets, not as common as Pinterest would lead you to believe. If you want sunset photos, cool, let us know. We will try our hardest to get you them, if it’s not cloudy. Think about timings and work out when sunset will be. About 30 minutes before the sun goes down is your best bet in our experience. We’ve been known to steal people away from dessert for amazing light, it’s always worth it.

  • When it’s dark. Fairy lights are awesome, you can never have enough. Try not to have loads of orange/yellow/red lights and uplighters, natural coloured lights are better.

  • DJ/Band lighting. If you want AMAZING dancing shots – make sure your entertainment has a great lighting setup. If they have those terrible laser dots we will ask them to turn them off (we can’t guarantee they will listen to us). We’ve seen DJs with a laptop and a speaker, so it’s always worth checking.

To sum it all up, don’t stress too much about the light (or weather for that matter). We’ve worked everywhere from bright sunshine to dark cellars and made it work. If you have questions about timings and things, give us a shout and we’ll figure it out together.