newlyweds being showered in confetti. deepdale farm wedding photography by emma and rich.

Deepdale Farm Wedding Photography – Hana + Ste

Hana + Ste were married at Deepdale Farm Weddings near York. This is one of those weddings that was on the calendar almost two years before the day! These two were super organised and when we found out Hana is a fellow wedding photographer it all made sense.

When Hana and Ste booked us there were words in their initial email that made our eyes light up, words like street food, ice cream and that they had a friend doing their ceremony. All music to our ears. We’ve shot quite a few ceremonies now that have been led by friends or celebrants and they’re always so personal and lovely.

The day finally arrived and little did we know, this would end up being our first ever wedding with proper rain. Proper heavy rain, the good news was it was only for an hour and the great news was that there was loads of room in the barn and at the bar at Deepdale Farm to shelter from the weather.

Hana and Ste were legally married a couple of days earlier and then joined together before their friends and family by their friend Baz who led their ceremony. Hana’s brother played the guitar as she walked into the barn followed by her bridesmaids. There were beautiful readings from their friends and family and then they walked out into the most colourful cloud of rainbow confetti we have ever seen.

Then it was time for ice creams (in the rain) totally vegan as Hana and Ste are both vegan and bloody lovely they all were too, we can personally recommend the Parma Violet and Cherry Bakewell. As the afternoon ticked on and the sun came out, we were treated to some beautiful and heartfelt speeches and then QUESADILLAS!

I’ve never had a vegan roast dinner in a quesadilla and now I have, that’s all I can think about.

Ste is part of the awesome twosome that is Mouses and carrying on with the smashing of all that is traditional about weddings, Hana and Ste chose to perform a first song together. Which was pretty damn awesome if you ask us.

Then the night was opened with a few songs by Mouses followed by an assortment of groups and performances from Hana and Ste’s friends. Turns out they’re a musical bunch!

When it came time to go home we were sent on our way with a chunk of vegan cake and smiles on our faces as wide as they would go.

Mouses yeah.

Shout Outs:

Bouquets + Buttonholes – The Artisan Dried Flower Co.

Vegan Ice Cream – The Ice Cream Ladies

Quesadillas – The Dilla Deli

Cake – Jesmond Cake Company

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