Best of 2018

2018 was the year we found ourselves on Fearless Photographers’ list of the best wedding photographers in the world. Nobody was as surprised as we were when, back in April, we managed to pick up two Fearless Awards in one round and throughout the year two more came our way! We also snagged a This Is Reportage Award, a few Image of the Week nods from Photography Farm, and several features in the press and some awesome wedding blogs.

It was all a bit overwhelming. This calibre of awards are the things we saw the world’s best wedding photographers getting when we started out and we’d dream, that maybe one day, we’d be good enough to win one. Dreaming isn’t much use on its own though. We put in the work. Attending world-class training courses with Photography Farm, SNAP and Nine Dots, as well as countless hours of our own research, practice and self-evaluation. All with the goal of improving our work and constantly moving forward. “Good enough is not good enough!”

We seem to be on the right path.


Of course, we can’t talk about 2018 without mentioning all the amazing people we’ve had the privilege to photograph.

The awesome couples that booked us and all of their incredible guests have helped to make 2018 one of the best years of our lives. Getting to hang out with all those amazing people and just playing with our cameras has been an absolute delight. All we want to do is take amazing pictures full of emotion, energy and fun, and being surrounded by folks who have been so open and loving has been an inspiration.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring. It’s gonna be awesome!

two brides, illuminated by a sunbeam, laugh as they are surrounded by their wedding guests in silhouette. image by the best wedding photographers of 2018, emma and rich


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