Best of 2023

It’s no easy task trying to decide which are our best photographs of 2023. I mean, what criteria do you even judge it by? Do you look at the composition, lighting, and moment? The holy trinity of photography. Or do you go for pictures that hold the most meaning for ourselves or the people featured? Maybe just go with whatever looks the coolest. This year we just decided to pick shots that made us smile. After all, that’s the most consistent feedback we seem to get; “Your pictures just make us smile.” Not a bad review at all.

Yet again it’s been another fantastic year for us. We’ve traveled the length and breadth of Great Britain to shoot weddings for people from all walks of life and in a huge variety of places. We’ve been in registry offices, churches, museums, working men’s clubs, castles, mansions, and hotels. No two weddings are alike but the common denominator is two people who love the socks off of each other and want to have a great time on their wedding day. It really is a privilege to do this job and we never forget that it’s so much more than just a job.

Thanks to everyone who had us along for their big day this year. Here are just a few of our favourite photos from 2023 (also in nifty video format).

Here’s a little breakdown of our year:

Photos taken: 152,702

Photos delivered: 22,107

Weddings Shot: 17

Other Things We Shot: 7

OK Diner Breakfasts + Burgers Eaten?: Twelvety?

Again, thanks to everyone who had us along for their big day this year, and here are just a few of our favourite photos from 2023.


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