a bride and groom pose for a black and white wedding portrait in the hallway of barnett hill hotel. wedding photography by emma and rich

Barnett Hill Hotel Wedding Photography – Farah + Ben

Farah + Ben held their big day at the rather swish Barnett Hill Hotel in Guildford.

We’d been looking forward to this one for a while because we’d had the rare pleasure of actually meeting Farah and Ben well before the wedding day. Normally we rock up on the day and have to ask who’s getting married, sometimes we have a little Skype chat before but usually, we go in knowing very little about the people we’ll be photographing. That might sound a little odd but it seems to work well for us. People get a good idea of what we’re like from our website and anyone who enquires with us is encouraged to stalk the hell out of our social media to make sure they’ll get on with us. Even when we do know the folks we’ll be shooting, things move so fast at a wedding and circumstances change so quickly that any preconceptions about the day have never served us well. We just turn up prepared for all eventualities and try to take the best picture we can in any given moment. It’s fun.

We’d had a lunch meeting with Farah and Ben in a little burger place in London a few months earlier and instantly fell in love with the pair of them. They have an aura of warmth and acceptance towards people as well as a strong sense of their own individuality that’s just delightful. These lovely vibes filled the rooms of the Barnett Hill Hotel and made this an absolute pleasure of a day to be involved with.

Here are some of our favourite pictures from the day…

Shout Outs

Dress: ASOS

Photo Booth: Miximus Entertainment

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