Award Winning Wedding Photography

It’s been quite an emotional few days at Emma and Rich HQ as we’ve been processing the news that we managed to win two Fearless Awards. So we can now officially call ourselves award winning wedding photographers. Woohoo!

We never take pictures with the intention of getting something suitable to enter into a competition. We’re always way too preoccupied with trying to get the best shot of a moment that we can. It’s only when we get to editing them that we spot something and say “I wonder…”  Then you send them off to the Fearless judges and never expect to hear anything back.

You see, Fearless describe themselves as a directory of the best wedding photographers in the world. They vet all membership applications to ensure that their members have a distinctive style, are pushing boundaries and producing top quality wedding photography. The round of competitions that we entered had over 10,000 submissions from some of the best wedding photographers in the world and we managed to get two awards from it. Which is mind-blowing to us. It puts us up amongst the people whose work we look at and go “Whoa!”

Getting this kind of recognition is a huge encouragement for us. We often feel like we sit a little outside of the photography community, a bit like The Goonies. Our comments, questions, work and achievements are often ignored in many of the facebook groups and it does make us wonder if we’re doing something wrong or if we’ve offended someone somehow.  Perhaps a symptom of how we refuse (outside of this post) to take ourselves too seriously?

The thing is, we may not take ourselves seriously but we take our photography very seriously. It’s all we think about. There’s a constant pressure we put on ourselves and each other to improve and there’s always the friendly competition for who can get the best shot of the day.  Perhaps it’s a mixture of this drive, a love of silliness, slapstick and fun, and the outsider mentality that has led to us taking photographs in the style we do.

It’s nice to know that we’re doing something right though. And as Luke Cage says “Always forward!”

Here are our award winning (huh?!) photos as seen on The Huffington Post.

Earlier this year we also got a couple of award winning photos in a Bridebook competition which was picked up by The Evening Standard. Fame at last!

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