An Evening of Fadeless Splendour – Tim Smith Benefit

A few months back Emma was tagged in a post on Facebook that led to this video. After ten seconds we were ready to turn it off and forget about the whole ordeal but something stayed our hand. Three minutes later we hit the replay button and then watched it on repeat for about an hour. The following week was spent ferociously hunting for all available information about Cardiacs.

It’s hard to understand how this band passed us by. We were both fans of alternative music during the nineties, our formative musical years, yet this band who’ve had such a massive influence on many of our favourites seem to have flown completely under our radar. Seriously, go and have a read of their Wiki page.

So yeah, we were pretty much instant fans. When we got a tip-off that a fundraising gig was in the works we bought tickets straight away and asked if we could bring our cameras. “Why a fundraiser?” I hear you cry. Tim Smith, the lead singer/songwriter and all-round musical genius, suffered a heart attack and a series of strokes about ten years ago and funds are needed to keep up with his rehabilitation and ongoing care. If you’re interested in helping you can check out his JustGiving page here

It was an awesome night of beautiful and inventive music. Check out the pictures and if you can, get some pennies to Timmy.

If you want to see more, there’s more. Here’s the link to the full gallery:



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