awards + press

2018 is the year we’ve started getting some recognition from our peers and around the industry. We thought it would be ace to put it all in one place, so we can look at it if we’re ever feeling a bit blue.

We won a couple of Fearless awards in April 2018. Emma has told her mum these are like the equivalent of Oscars (they are to us). We might have these printed out in our office as motivation. You can see the whole collection here.

We went to Alpamare to celebrate this momentous occasion and you can see what that looked like here.

An old man in a wheelchair raises his arms in delight as he sees his granddaughter in her wedding dress. Award winning wedding photography by Emma and Rich.

Best bit was these ended up being featured on the Huffington Post and one of ours was the lead image.


In May we shot Emily + Dan’s wedding and within a day of posting their preview we picked up Farmer’s image of the week from Photography Farm.


At the start of 2018 we were picked by Bridebook as having two of the best wedding photographs of 2017. These were then picked up by the Evening Standard and Daily Mail.


Back in Summer 2016, Claire + Dan‘s wedding was published in Rock n Roll Bride magazine. We got very excited in WH Smith.