Emma + Rich

We are Emma and Rich.

We met at rock night at our local nightclub, we’ve been together for 15 years and married for seven. We got married on Halloween – without Emma telling Rich what date she picked! We live by the seaside in Scarborough in a little yellow brick terraced house that we adore. We love the ocean and spent most of our honeymoon down by the sea in San Francisco and were frequent visitors of the arcade machine museum.

Emma has multicoloured hair and Rich has a twirly moustache, just don’t ask to give it a twirl – it makes him go all weird. We’re both total geeks – Emma loves music (except jazz), glitter and The Goonies while Rich loves beer and comics. Emma has a obsession with incense and candles and Rich is addicted to video games. Emma will talk your ear off and Rich likes a bit of quiet. Somehow we make it work. We love Sunday Dinners, Mexican food, proper music, going on adventures, pancakes and spending our evenings curled up on the sofa in our fairy-lit living room, covered in our animals, watching stupid videos on the internet.

What can we do for you?


When Rich joined Emma at a wedding we realised what an awesome team we make. Rich is the analytical to Emma’s emotional. She sees happy tears and belly laughs, he sees a killer composition. With us, you get fun photographers who won’t tell you what to do. You get two misfits who strive to create photos and films that are totally you. We like to think of ourselves as two new friends you’ve not met yet. Two new friends who kick bottom with their cameras.


This is our corgi Merlin and he is full of beans. This is often said with sarcasm as Rich wanted to call him Beans and Emma wouldn't let him. His favourite thing in the world is a string of sausages that all have little faces. He also loves pancakes (with peanut butter) and dried cow ears.

Eddie + Meg

Eddie and Meg are our cats. Meg sleeps on our heads, while Eddie spends his nights knocking everything off where ever he can get his paws. 

Keep In Touch

If you want to see more of our animals, what Emma is having for dinner or just our general nonsense, check out Emma's instagram feed.