We are Emma and Rich

Picture Takers and Movie Makers

We’re not your normal wedding photographers. We’re creative, fun, informal, a bit cheeky but most of all pretty damn unique.

We believe that weddings should be fun, a day to celebrate your love and enjoy good company.  Our couples book us because they want us to capture their day with our creative, fun and unique way of telling THEIR story. We both shoot very differently and it seems to come together perfectly. Emma loves to capture the spontaneity and smiles, where Rich has a thing for lines, angles and framing stuff just… so. We work really well together, which is wonderful considering we’ve been together for 15 years and married for 8 years!

We love MUSIC, mexican food, Madness, pancakes, video games, comics, The Goonies, Garfield, sitting in our front room enjoying our fairy lights, Scarborough, Eddie + Meg (our cats), Merlin (the corgi), milkshakes, Pee-wee Herman, all seaside towns, making Spotify playlists, beer, comedy films, Weird Al and watching stupid videos on YouTube.

Blog Stuff

Red Lion, Burnsall Wedding Photography – Sue + Mark

We want to live here. What a gorgeous location for a rustic countryside wedding. 'Ow Do?!  Sue and Mark got married at the Red Lion, Burnsall in the Yorkshire Dales and it was well worth the drive through endless winding country roads. Log fires, lamb stew, real ale,...

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Springhill Barn Wedding Photography – Jess + Paul

There were a lot of awesome bits to this Pershore wedding. The heartfelt ceremony in a medieval church, a drinks reception with homemade cakes from friends and family and an outstandingly decorated barn for the night do. The thing that really stands out for these two...

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Hospitium Wedding Photography – Ella + Steven

What a glorious day for a wedding and what a wonderful celebration it was. I've known Steven for a few years now through mutual friends and I was honoured when he asked us to shoot his big day! When we were told that photos of family and friends having fun was their...

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